The Jewish Private School Chabad

The Jewish Private School Chabad offers:

  • Permanent accreditation
  • Qualitative education
  • Individual approach to every child
  • Small classes
  • Special atmosphere based on Jewish traditions, mutual understanding and mutual respect
  • Complete safety (Closed territory and security)
  • School Transport

The school is run according to programs licensed by the Ministry of Knowledge and Education of Latvia:

  • The general education program for forms 1-9 for national minorities’ school
  • The secondary school general education program with Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technical bias
  • Pre-school national minorities’ program

 In 2009, standards and programs for special Jewish education (Torah studies and Jewish Philosophy) for basic and secondary school were licensed

The teaching languages are Russian, Latvian, English and Hebrew. Some lessons are conducted bilingually.

The teachers worked jointly in five methodical groups: Primary school, Esthetics, Languages and Social teachings, Hard Sciences, Class teachers. The aims of their activities are the improvement of the professional level of the teachers and educational level at school in general.

The school employs a psychologist, speech therapist and a full time nurse.

The pupils of forms 1-7 can stay at school till 5 p.m. They do their home tasks there. They also can chose to take part in groups of dancing, florist, sewing, chess, languages and sports.

The experience of the last 15 years is proof enough that the conditions of learning and education we formed is guarantee of exceptionally high level of education. They also help to form our pupils as harmonious personalities, deeply conscious of their national identity.